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6 SEO Free Tools to Improve Your Visibility

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“Before you go ahead and spend a single dime in SEO tools, do your research! There is an incredible amount of free tools out there that can benefit you in various ways. Some of these tools will be focused on linking (i.e. backlinks) and some others are about traffic, content and speed. I have gathered the most useful tools that I came across when I started studying and researching search optimizations.”

1.) Google Chrome Browser

If you are starting your journey into the SEO world this would be my best initial advice. First, do yourself a favor and download Google Chrome Browser and install it on your computer. Google Chrome has great development tools that your will want to have on your side including AMP validation and website inspection tools.

Part of the reason that Google Chrome is so important is because of the ease of use that has been created by the development of a whole array of tools that support web development, design, SEO, AMP validation, among much more. As you keep on driving down this road you will how important is Chrome to you.

2.) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world’s leading platform for online traffic analytics. You will have to create a Google account to be able to access it but it is absolutely free and definitely worth checking out. Once you have access the analytics platform you will have to set your domain property check. They provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to go about setting up your account and linking your domain to the platform. Click here to go Google Analytics Website

3.) Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another great SEO tool provided by Google that is absolutely free. It will help you and guide you with a huge array of documentation many other aspects that will increase your search engine visibility. Click here to go Google Search Console Website

 Google Search Console

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